David Michael Buckle

Senior Partner, Corporate Governance
Tel: 01732 228805
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Jane Whiting

Partner, Property and Private Client
Tel: 01732 228800
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Patrick McGrath

Solicitor, Company Commercial
Tel: 01732 228817
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Jackie Arnold

Solicitor, Family Law
Tel: 01732 228814
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Yasmin Rumjahn

Solicitor, Residential Property
Tel: 01732 228811
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John Marshall

Solicitor, Dispute Resolution/Litigation
Tel: 01732 228800
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Mike Baker

Solicitor, Property and Private Client
Tel: 01732 228800
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Grace Kanawaty

Practice Manager
Tel: 01732 228801
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Anita Punyer

Case Manager, Private Client
Tel: 01732 228803
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Susan Pollen

Case Manager, Property
Tel: 01732 228806
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Zoe French

Senior Administrator
Tel: 01732 228812
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Sophie Connolly

Tel: 01732 229802
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