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Our clients tell us we work differently. In fact, they say we are unlike any other solicitors they have experienced. When we set up the firm, we looked at the way other lawyers did business and realised that we needed to structure the firm in a very different way. Our immediate objectives were to find ways of communicating effectively with our clients and to provide services that gave good value for money. These two objectives remain core to our business.

Whether you come to us for help concerning the challenges that face you personally or because there are issues facing your business, we invest time in developing our relationship with you, enabling us to provide advice that takes account of your situation as a whole. Rather than become fixated with obstacles, we search for ways around them, delivering solutions that will stand the test of time. In this way, we seek to add value whether you are coming to us in your personal capacity or where your business needs advice and assistance.

Our Experience

Many of the legal staff at DMB Law had other careers before joining the firm, giving us a more rounded and relevant approach to the challenges our clients face. Some of us have worked elsewhere in the legal industry in large City firms, and as barristers, too. Others have high-level expertise and experience outside of the law.

Value Added Services

We are not the cheapest - nor are we the most expensive. But we do offer value for money. We are based in Kent, only 30 minutes by train from Central London. But far from having a local perspective, our solicitors have real expertise gained at some of the most reputable firms in the country. This means you get access to sought-after professionals at cost-effective local rather than City prices. Our team operates from offices in Sevenoaks in Kent, 30 minutes on a train from Central London and 45 minutes' drive from London Gatwick Airport. We also have facilities in Central London where we see our clients and organise larger business meetings.

International Corporate Governance And Compliance

Alongside our domestic practice serving businesses and individuals, DMB Law also runs a developed international service working closely with some of the world's most innovative and technologically advanced companies. A growing number of boards in places as far afield as Hong Kong, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, Dubai, Nigeria, Ghana, India and Pakistan have recognised and relied upon our bespoke advice and international corporate governance services.

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